Ms. Line Clavet

Receptionist and Secretary to the Bishop, Pastoral Services and the Foundation of the Diocese
Mrs. Nicole B. Michaud

Accountant and Administrative Assistant to the Diocesan Attorney
Fr. Gilbert Doddatto, I.V.D.

Moderator of the Divine Mercy Pastoral Unit and Coordinator of the Marriage Planning Services
Mgr. Claude Champagne, O.M.I.

Bishop of Edmundston and Person in Charge of the Formation to the Presbyterate
Sr. Edna Thomas, R.H.S.J.

Pastoral Services, Liturgy and the Cursillos Movement
Mrs. Janique Michaud

Family and Parish Catechesis, Social Communications and Youth & Family Services
Mrs. Denise Violette

"Nouveau chapitre des 18-35 ans du diocèse"
Mr. Mario Ringuette

Social Ministry, Solidarity and Social Justice
Fr. Paul Paradis

Advisory Committee on Sexual Assaults (delegate of the bishop)
Mrs. France Haché

Advisory Committee for Prevention
Sr. Anne-Marie Beaulieu, F.M.A.

Missionary Ministry
Fr. Yoland Ouellet, O.M.I.

Pontifical Mission Societies (National Director)
Sr. Ronilla Sirois, R.H.S.J.

Matrimonial Court
Mr. Nicolas B. Kalgora

Development and Peace (regional animator)